The Venezia Club Italian Restaurant & Winery has a good pleasure to have as a guests many people from all over the world and it's usually the meeting point of many Italian people and friends. Over the years, many important personalities of sport, politics, fashion and show business came at the Venezia Club: the coaches, the staffs, the managers and the players of the "Tianjin Quanjian Football Club" and the "Tianjin Teda Football Club" are often appreciated guests; the Italian Team and the Greek Team of water polo, the Italian National Women's Fencing Team; the president of the Italian Senate "Onorevole" Pietro Grasso, the “Onorevole” Pecoraro Scanio, the “Onorevole” Susanna Camusso and the “Onorevole” Ettore Guglielmo Epifani, the fashion designer Pierre Cardin, the writers Carlo Lucarelli and Giorgio Faletti, the football player Damiano Tommasi from Italy; the actor Alain Delon from France; the extreme tightrope walker Freddy Nock from Swiss; the Chinese opera singer Guan Mu Cun, the Chinese actors Cao Qi Chang, Shi Zhao Qi, Ying Da, Zhang Han Yu, Xu Zheng and the Chinese  actresses superstar Fan Bing Bing and Zhang Zi Yi; the actor Su Zhi Xie from Korea; the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, the opera actors of “Teatro Massimo Bellini” of Catania and the “Teatro Carlo Felice” of Genova.