The company is specialized in the food and beverage market, the company has decades of experience in the restaurant and bartending service with two restaurant; it provides to: catering service, consulting and the start-up in the restaurant and bar business,  event planning, import of food and beverage in collaboration with other chinese company of Beijing, marketing and social media marketing, menu engineering, staff training, products placement.


* Passion: curiosity and the desire to go higher and higher without ever feeling satisfied by the results achieved are the engine of our work, always have the goal of achieving perfection in the care of the products and the service given. 

* People: our customers and our employees deserve our full commitment, the passion that we put into our work  helps to develop our company and to establish a relationship of trust.

* Professionality: transparency, care and respect are the foundations on which we build relationships with our partners, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers or simple interlocutors.

VISION: represent one of the excellence of traditional Italian cuisine abroad, we think we don’t only sell food and drink but also a good food and wine culture.

MISSION: we work constantly to improve the quality of all the products and services we offer, we always use imported raw materials and high-value, we want guarantee at our customers great traditional food experience.