We present here a selection of our huge menu. Our dishes are all created respecting the traditional Italian culinary culture, our recipes are simple but tasty; we import products and original raw materials from Italy, for example our pizza is made with the best flour and mozzarella of the beautiful Naples, the juicy and red tomato from the sunny Sicily, our culd-cuts and cheeses are certificated made in Italy and also the meat for our steaks are imported from New Zealand and from Australia. If you want some amazing dessert, you can not miss our traditional Tiramisu or the "Strudel" accompanied by an excellent Italian espresso. You may choose from a wide range of imported wines from different Italian regions, or between the many beers from many parts of the world or even one of our cocktails always made following the original recipes. You do not want to drink alcohol? We have a wide choice of soft drinks, juices, smoothies and milkshakes. And according to Italian tradition can not miss after a meal a classic grappa or a limoncello or an "amaro" as digestif.


The selection of our appetizer include cold cuts as Parma Ham", "Bresaola", “Speck", "Lardo di Colonnata", "Spicy Ventricina" and many other; we have also a large choise of cheeses like "Parmigiano Reggiano", "Gorgonzola" and "Bufala Mozzarella"; all our products are imported from Italy.


A typical dish from Italy with many different kinds of sauces.


Our 100% traditional Italian pizza is made with the best flours of Naples, Sicilian tomatoes, yest and mozzarella cheese imported from Italy.

Main Course

Our main dishes includes import meat cooked on the grill, roast and stews, fresh fish with seasonal vegetables; our recipes faithfully follow the Italian tradition and comes from differents parts of the peninsula.


Our desserts are all homemade and they follow the original Italian traditional recipes.


Today Italian wine is considered among the best in the world, but it’s not just Italy’s history that makes it great, it’s the passion they feel every hour of the day for wine and for life; in our restaurant you can find a large selection of wine from many Italian regions, well-known wines such as Amarone, Barolo, Barbaresco and Brunello di Montalcino, have the DOCG label that means high quality and certified winemakers.


We have many different kinds of imported beers on bottles and "on tap"; moreover we choosed a very new selection on special and high-stand craft beers made in China by Boxing Cat Brewery and Jing-A Brewing Co. 


Life begins after a coffee, better if it's an Italian espresso; but  you can also choose between a cappuccino or a delicious hot chocolate with cream for the cold days.

Italian Aperitif & Digestif 

A wide selection of distillates from the most famous Italian brands, we use them to create great cocktails of Italian tradition such as the "Spritz Veneziano", the "Negroni" or the "Martini", furthemore you can also enjoy a glass of grappa or limoncello after the meal according to the classic Italian habit.